Research Opportunities

Opportunities and Funding

DPhil Students

DPhil students are funded by Government Research Councils (EPSRCBBSRCMRC), Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation, often through the University of Oxford Doctoral Training Centre.

Overseas students are funded by the Rhodes TrustFullbright Awards and the Clarendon Fund

Informal enquiries regarding DPhil studies can be made to Chris Schofield by email but formal Departmental and University applications must subsequently be made. (Contact for information on Graduate Studies in Chemistry - Aga Borkowska)


Undergraduate (Part II) Research Projects

We are keen to have Oxford undergraduates carry out their fourth year research projects in our group. Projects in areas ranging from synthesis to biochemistry are available. Please contact Chris Schofield.


Summer Projects

Sources of funding for undergraduate summer research projects include the Wellcome Trust and the Nuffield Foundation.